When an organization's culture is compromised, it can negatively impact its financial performance. But how can you determine if there is a cultural issue and where to begin? CoEfficient's research platform and E Leader Experience provide the answers. Join this session to gain valuable insights from current research, trends, and survey results. By leveraging this knowledge, you can pinpoint areas of opportunity to enhance your organization’s success.

Every organization today focuses on examining, improving, and defining its culture. However, measuring it can be a challenge. CoEfficient’s research platform provides the solution by measuring organizational culture, while E Leader Experience tackles significant leadership challenges. In this session, we will explore the latest research, trends, and real-life examples derived from thousands of survey results. By doing so, you will be able to identify crucial areas for enhancing your organization’s success.

After watching, you will know...​

- About the challenges faced by organizations worldwide through research findings.
- Insights into key trends impacting organizational culture, mental health, and employee experience.
- Actionable solutions to address imminent challenges.

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Presenter Bio

Megan Robinson is the Founder at E Leader Experience and works with individuals and teams to develop self-leadership skills that grow companies. She started her career in marketing climbing her way through the corporate ladder at advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies before starting her own marketing company. After yet another “Business Therapy” session, Megan discovered her true passion was in coaching and is a John Maxwell certified coach and DiSC Trainer. In addition, she is the Past President of ATDChi the leading learning and development organization in Chicagoland. Inspired by her own successful career in corporate and entrepreneurial environments, Megan makes leadership approachable for everyone, regardless of title, position, or experience.

Presenter Bio

John helps leaders improve their businesses, engage with their staff and increase their profits. People are at the center of our organizations, they drive our organizations. They give us the greatest chance of success, as long as we hear what they have to say, and understand how they are feeling. He is passionate about giving our greatest asset a voice that we can hear, we can understand, and we can utilize.