We know that connection and learning is essential for teams and organizations to thrive, but doing it well and at scale can be challenging. Leaders across functions struggle to align their efforts, practical solutions offering both structure and adaptability are hard to find and, while great team experiences can be energizing, they often don’t address the roots of disconnection, poor performance and communication barriers within and across teams.

This is why Mosaicli lead this webinar—to help leaders think strategically about their engagement challenges and devise solutions that are cost-effective, scalable and loved by teams and leaders on all levels. They’ve worked with companies like Microsoft, Genentech, Zendesk and GoFundMe and you won’t want to miss this webinar recording.

After watching, you’ll come away with:
- Six pillars that enable learning and connection at scale.

- A framework for integrating the priorities and needs of leaders across functions into a unified program vision (that wins buy-in on all levels).

- An actionable framework you can instantly apply to foster stronger bonds every day at work (and in life).

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Presenter Bio

Jeremy Joaquin Capdevielle is a multidisciplinary artist whose background spans organizational behavior, change management and education. He’s the CEO and Creative Director of Mosaicli, an organization that uses creativity, storytelling and design to scale learning and connection across organizations like Zendesk, GoFundMe, Genentech, Microsoft, and eBay. As a business strategist focused on social change, Jeremy is passionate about fostering workplaces and communities that value everybody. Among surfing with friends, meditating in nature and dancing like a fool, his greatest joy is working with visionary organizations embedding equity into the fabric of their mission and culture.