How do we make work, less work? We are in the midst of a crisis of commitment in the workplace—organizations are searching for engaged employees (“talent”) and employees are looking for a place to thrive. Both are struggling. What if the issue isn’t good or bad culture, but the fit between our ideal way of working day-to-day and that of the companies we join...

If we fit, we hum, we connect, we create momentum and do our best work with grace and ease because our creative energy is not eaten up in coordination cost and deciphering how to be a success–we just are. But the wrong fit has serious consequences. It can erode performance, drive up frustration, and steal our competence and competence. The good news is, there is a way forward and few fundamentals that help talent find (and keep) right fit.

After watching, you will know...​

1. What talent can do to find right fit.

2. The "watch outs" when searching for right fit.

3. The buffers that can help talent move towards right fit.

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Presenter Bio

Dr. André Martin is an organizational psychologist and author of the book “Wrong Fit, Right Fit - Why How We Work Matters More Than Ever”. He has spent 20+ years as the Chief Talent Officer of iconic brands such as Mars, Nike, Google, and Target. Now, acting as an operating advisor, coach, and consultant, André continues to counsel leaders and founders to peak performance.

When André isn't working, he can be found with his wife and two English labs on the rain-soaked trails around Portland, Oregon.