Do you know how you impact others and why that is central to organizational culture and development? In this engaging webinar, you will understand the power of informal networks, the roles you play in those networks, and how you can shape them to drive better results for yourself and those around you.

See how human networks form, how silos are created, and why bridging these divides are in our best interest – personally, professionally, and societally. You will learn about the power of influence and how it shows up in hierarchies, communities, and our own life.

After watching, you will know...

1) How you impact others and how that might inform your own personal growth plan.

2) How leaders and individuals often misread their impact on others.

3) How networks and relationships tell us the story of influence, success, and impact

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Presenter Bio

Vikas Narula is an entrepreneur, speaker, facilitator, and blogger.

He is the creator and co-founder of Keyhubs – a software and services firm specializing in the power and wisdom of human networks, heightening awareness of self and others, and fostering connection. Since 2009, Keyhubs has worked with many Fortune 500 companies, smaller non-profits, and everything in-between. Their work has been featured in PollenForbes, and The Financial Times.

He has presented at a variety of conferences and venues, including CommencementTEDxHATCH, and The World Bank.

He is also the founder of Neighborhood Forest – a non-profit social venture dedicated to giving free trees to school children every Earth Day. Since 2010, Neighborhood Forest has given away over 50,000 trees to school children in 35 states across America and Canada.

He lives with his wife, two boys, and dog in Minneapolis.