Research shows that a lack of trust affects your bottom line more than anything else. High-trust organizations have higher levels of productivity, innovation, employee engagement, retention, revenue, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. High-trust organizations are higher-performing - it’s that simple.

But trust isn’t something that magically appears & remains until one day it mysteriously vanishes. Trust doesn’t happen by default, it happens by design. Behaviors build and break trust. And trust is a set of learned behaviors.

In this webinar, you'll learn why high-trust teams are higher performing and the 5 Core Behaviors that powerfully & effectively build trust on teams. You’ll learn how to apply these 5 Behaviors to scale trust throughout your entire organization and walk away equipped with strengthened confidence that you can easily implement right away. Your team will develop common language, a deeper understanding of one another, and strengthen connection.

Get ready to level up your skills, positively transform your culture, and confidently drive business results!

After watching, you will...

1. Have a deeper understanding of the 5 Core Behaviors that build trust with your team and how to interact with others in a way that drives connection, trust, and performance.

2. Have new strategies, tips, and skills to build and scale trust to maximize belonging and results on your team.

3. Feel energized, inspired, aligned, confident, activated, and excited.

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Presenter Bio

I'm a Certified Leadership Coach (CPCC & PCC), Organizational Trust Expert, Culture Consultant, & Outsourced Chief People & Culture Officer. As a Coach, I celebrate leaders for who they are & who they want to be, while also holding their feet to the fire to take action & achieve incredible results. As a Consultant & Trust Expert, I help organizations take their culture & team performance to the next level in a psychologically safe, fun, & highly effective way.

Prior to taking the leap to actualize my dream of starting The Perk, I was the VP of People Ops & Culture at a remote-first Health IT company. Actually, I started out as their VP of Finance & Operations, was tasked with taking over People Ops, & quickly realized that, while I was a fantastic CPA, people, culture, leadership & team development were my calling.

It was there that I got to quickly learn, grow, build, develop, & scale a remote operations function focused on strengthening trust, communication, alignment, employee engagement, & productivity in order to achieve our mission & vision. I also started & run Culture Community - a non-profit organization that brings people passionate about being great leaders & intentionally building great cultures together to connect, learn, grow, & take action to make our teams, our cultures, & ourselves better.

Bottom line: I'm here, & excited, to help you take your leadership, culture, team, & life to the next level!