How does an organization capture and communicate its values in a way that doesn't become just posters on a wall, or empty words on a webpage?

Organization designer Todd Hoskins will take us down a path of finding values that have soul -- that energize people and help create more cohesive actions. He'll also share some insights from a values project done in partnership with CultureCon.

If you're interested in the importance of values, or the process of discovering values together, this webinar is for you.

After watching, you will know...

1. Compelling case on why values are essential
2. Key principles to follow when exploring your own values
3. Tips on what to do next once you have your values in place

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Presenter Bio

Todd Hoskins is both a practitioner and thought leader in organizational culture, with a focus on the dynamics that lead to vitality in teams, and in ecosystems.

In 2009, Todd launched Canopy Gap, an organization design firm inspired by his passion for nature, cooperation, collaboration, and navigating complexity. With wisdom guide Marti Spiegelman, Todd co-hosts the podcast and leadership program Leading from Being.

With graduate work in psychology, interest in network science and ecology, and training in awareness and somatic learning, Todd thrives when bridging disciplines and dimensions. Having worked in the corporate world, technology startups, and with a wide variety of entrepreneurs and nonprofits, he has helped launch 15 organizations and initiatives in the last twelve years, as well as worked with large organizations including Microsoft, Lenovo, Kaiser Permanente, NASA, Dell, and Northwestern University.